Looking for some ways to improve the retail convenience of your place which will fit the image of your premises? Our vending machines will be your solution.

Believing that customised self-serving vending machines are the upcoming future of the smart retail trend, Juz Vending Sdn Bhd has been set up to be the one-stop vending machines supplier to sell, operate, lease, and maintain automatic unmanned vending machines.

Our Vending Solutions

Not just another vending machines supplier, Juz Vending do not just throw you another normal machine, but we study our clients’ needs in customising the right products for the vending machines in their premises – be it drinks, snacks to other non-food items that is required by the target customers – with the right image.

Our clients and potential clients are retail malls, office buildings, public institutions, and medium to large size companies who need the vending machines for their staffs.

Contact us at our email sales @ juzvending.my if you need to talk to us.